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The plates and sheets of expanded PTFE

Expanded (thermally expanded) PTFE is made of 100% pure PTFE.

Thanks to a special manufacturing process, which resulted in a fiber structure is created, the resulting sealing material possesses unique mechanical properties. The structure of the material obtained elastic and soft, it is on this stuff called "foam".

Such a sheet is easy to handle with a sharp tool, but the tensile strength is 7 MPa.

This material is unique in the present, as in the processing has not lost its properties of PTFE. As the sheet or web-like material, it has all the required certificates DVGW for gas, as well as resolution of BAM for oxygen meets FDA requirements for materials used in contact with food.

The material is resistant to all media except the dissolved and molten alkali metal and the atomic fluorine at elevated temperature and pressure indicators.

pH value


from 0 to 14

Working temperature


-269 to + 260

Operating pressure


vacuum -0,9 to 200

Max. tensile tension




g / cm3





Available thickness


from 1 to 30


This is one of the most highly efficient, reliable and user-friendly sealing materials today.

Material for sealing and detachable fixed sealing compounds, including reinforcement flanges, tanks, piping flanges, manifolds and flanges hydraulic, pneumatic systems, etc. It allows maximum reliability and efficiency of sealing compounds with damaged, uneven sealing surfaces.

The material is supple and easy to use, easy to process and leaves no residue after removal, which significantly reduces the time for maintenance or repair costs of connecting nodes.

It works equally well as a PTFE to metal surfaces, and glass, plastics, ceramics, enamels, etc.

It can operate in environments of strong oxidizing agents such as nitric acid, chlorine dioxide, sulfuric acid of high concentration (Oleum) and others, except for molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine.

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