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Rings with seamless PTFE coating

Rings seamless coated with FEP / PFA (PTFE) combines the excellent chemical resistance of PTFE and conventional rubber elasticity rings.

They differ from standard elastomeric rings following properties:

• Excellent chemical resistance to almost all media (except for alkaline metals and some fluorine compounds)
• Wide temperature range
• Particularly suitable for use in the chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, fittings, etc.
• Low contamination
• Low permeation / penetration
• Low coefficient of friction prevents uneven movement
• The presence of the FDA and other certificates

Possible core materials:

The core material of the fluoroelastomer - FKM:
FKM (black) has excellent elasticity. The ability to return to its original state after deformation, secured an outstanding result of permanent deformation during compression testing.

The core of the material silicone VMQ:
The core of silicone (red) is significantly softer than the core of the fluoroelastomer, but silicone is more thermostable than FKM.

Fluorinated ethylene propylene, the FEP is short, gives compaction crucial feature - an outstanding resistance to almost all liquids, gases and chemicals (exception - alkali metals and some organic fluorine compounds).

PFA PFA copolymer is very similar to its field of application to the FEP.
This material has low cold flow and optimize the mechanical properties at high temperatures.

Solid core of FKM / coating FEP:
This has the best sealing properties at low compression set core of FPM.
Temperature: -20 ° C to + 204 ° C

Solid core of silicone / coating FEP:
Despite the fact that this option is technically not equated with of FKM, silicone can be applied at the lowest temperatures.
Temperature: -60 ° C to + 204 ° C

Solid core of FKM / coating PFA:
The great advantage of this combination is a wear-resistant coating of PFA.
Temperature: -20 ° C to + 204 ° C

Solid core of silicone / coating PFA:
The combination of silicone and PFA coating makes it possible to use both at lower and at higher temperatures.
Temperature: -60 ° C to + 260 ° C

The hollow core with FEP covering:
It is used in cases where the pressing of low demand, such as in an apparatus made of glass or other sensitive materials. Ring with a hollow core of better adapt to the working chamber as compared to the ring with a solid core.
Temperature: -60 ° C to + 204 ° C

The hollow core with PFA coating:
Used in the same cases as FEP, only at the highest temperatures.
Temperature: -60 ° C to + 260 ° C


This product is available only on request, the average delivery time of 3 days.

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