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Teflon rods / tubes (Teflon, PTFE, PTFE)

PTFE / Teflon is a unique material produced by chemical means.

It features high chemical resistance, does not change even when boiled in "aqua regia", it is characterized by low porosity, excellent electrical and mechanical properties.

It has an effect on the PTFE melts only alkali metal solution in ammonia, chlorine trifluoride and elemental fluorine at high temperatures. It has a low, almost independent of temperature coefficient of friction, it is hydrophobic, physiologically inert.

The dielectric properties of the material are not changed to 200 ° C, and the chemical - 300 ° C.

Polytetrafluoroethylene may briefly applied at temperatures up to + 400 ° C, the upper limit is not limited chemical stability loss and reduction of physical and mechanical properties. When heated above + 327 ° C, the melting, but the polymer does not go into the viscous-flow condition up to the decomposition temperature of + 415 ° C.

These properties make PTFE products indispensable in the chemical, electrical industry (insulation of wires, cables, connectors, printed circuit boards, slot insulation of electrical machines), instrument making, mechanical engineering (nodes of friction machine tools and instruments), atomic energy, food (roll cladding for rolling dough, mold release and non-stick coating), light and medical industry (vascular prostheses, heart valves, tanks for storage of blood and serum for drug packaging).

Most of the assortment is always available from our warehouse in Riga, Latvia.

The chemical formula of PTFE


(CF2 - CF2)n

Working temperature


-269 to + 260


kg / m3


Ultimate tensile stress



A Brinell hardness



Coefficient of thermal conductivity

W / (m * K)


Available diameters


from 10 to 800 

PTFE tube and sleeve are produced by pressing a powder of PTFE with subsequent heat treatment, intended for the manufacture of sealing, insulating, anti-friction, chemically resistant construction elements used in various industries, including food and medicine, as well as parts of the process equipment (pads, liners, etc.). Production of details of the sleeves is produced by machining of finished pieces of Teflon.

The use of shaped material, allows to significantly reduce the processing time, waste and as a consequence the cost of manufactured products.

PTFE tubes are offer by order. Delivery 2-3 days!

 The introduction of various fillers in the fluoroplastic significantly increases wear resistance, hardness, thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, and decreases the tensile strength, elongation at break, modulus of elasticity increases, the compressive strength.

The choice of material - filler depends on the operating conditions of the product (temperature, pressure, working fluid).