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Foum tape. Thread seal made of 100% PTFE.

 Fum-belt harness is made by rolling of polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) and is wound in rolls of various widths (from 10 to 60 mm). Depending on the type, may also contain different kinds of lubricants in this item.

The tape FUM or PTFE sealing material - a thin synthetic sealant is available in the form of tape, usually has a translucent or matt white color. Due to the content of fluorine, fum-tape has a fairly high mechanical and thermal stability. It never gets old, it does not tear under tension and does not lose its properties under the influence of aggressive chemical media or high temperatures.

The main purpose of fum-tape is the sealing of threaded, flanged and nipple connections in process pipelines, networks of hot and cold water and a variety of engineering systems, working pressure not exceeding 9.8 MPa.

Features and specifications fum-tape

The main advantage of fum-tape is its good performance, among which we can highlight the plasticity, non-toxic, high strength, chemical and thermal resistance as well as high-quality anti-corrosion. In addition, it has a fairly wide range of operating conditions: pressure (under certain conditions) to 41.2 MPa and operating temperature from - 60 to + 200 degrees Celsius.

The heat-resistant tape FUM attributed to hard flammable and explosive materials. Auto-ignition temperature of this product is 520 degrees Celsius. However fum heating tape to a temperature exceeding + 260єS PTFE contained in it starts to produce volatile fluorides having a high toxicity.

How to use a FUM tape?

To make a sealed screwed connection, no special skill is required. However, in this case still has its nuances, which necessarily need to know.

So, to start fum-tape wound on an outer thread in a clockwise direction, that is, in the course of its tightening. During the winding need to slightly pull the tape to the resulting coil it was quite tight and not loose. The more stretched the tape, the better will turn up, but do not forget that the high tension fum-tape may break it. In addition, the end of the tape must be removed so as to not interfere with the process of winding the connecting element.

Placing a fum-tape is necessary in several layers to ensure a good seal between the inner and outer thread. The number of layers used depends on the diameter of the pipe. Thus, for the connection of pipes with a diameter of 15 to 25 mm is enough to be wound sealant three layers, pipes of 25 to 40 mm in diameter - four layers, and so on.

When working with fum-tape you should also take into account a number of its physical features. Firstly, it is quite slippery, so when stacking may cause some inconvenience. Secondly, after the packing tape and tightening up the thread end, it will be impossible to rotate backwards without losing integrity. Therefore, in case of need to weaken the union, collected using a fum-tape, it will not be possible to twist back - such a connection will need to be dismantled and repacked.

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