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E-PTFE / Expanded ptfe

Sealing tapes made by this method are the latest achievements in the field of sealing materials.

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FEP / PTFE O-Rings

Rings seamless coated with FEP / PFA (PTFE) combines the excellent chemical resistance of PTFE and conventional rubber elasticity rings.

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Teflon hoses (PTFE)

The flexible and sealed inner tube made of PTFE, protected by a stainless steel braid and helix.

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Fluoroplastics - the technical name of thermoplastic polymers - polymerization products of fluorinated olefins.

Company "TMS" specializes in the supply, processing and storage of products from PTFE and products based on it.

Of the variety of fluorine-containing polymers most widely used Teflon. Such popularity is justified: PTFE has excellent chemical inertness against almost all aggressive media (except molten alkali metals and chlorine trifluoride).

This quality PTFE is used in the operation of pipelines for the transport of highly corrosive environments, lining reactors, valves, pumps, tanks for storage of chemically active media, cushioning, sealing parts in contact with aggressive media and others.

The lowest among structural materials coefficient of friction, as well as equality of static and dynamic coefficients of friction PTFE, cause wide application in mechanical engineering - in friction mechanisms and instruments as bearings and plain bearings, movable gasket - piston rings, cuffs.

Teflon usage in friction units improves the reliability and durability, provides stable operation in aggressive environments, high vacuum and at very low temperatures.

High temperature resistance combined with excellent dielectric characteristics of the material allows use it in the e-radio for the insulation of wires, cables, connectors, printed circuit boards, as well as microwave technology.

Fluoroplastic-4 can be operated at temperatures ranging from -269 to + 260 ° C, the upper limit is not limited chemical stability loss and reduction of physical and mechanical properties. The physiological and biological harmlessness of PTFE leads to its widespread use in the medical and pharmaceutical industry: it is made of artificial limbs of blood vessels, heart valves, tanks for storage of blood and serum, drug wrapping and much more.

Fillers used coke, graphite, carbon fiber, glass fiber, molybdenum disulfide, bronze, nickel, silver, sieves, asbestos and other materials. Create a filled composite materials allows to solve a number of problems associated with the development of friction units, operating without lubrication in aggressive environments.

In the food industry and household appliances Teflon is used for the manufacture of anti-adhesive and non-stick coatings for the manufacture of gaskets for milk pumps and liquid food pumps, etc.. Polyacetal is approved for use in the food industry.

In addition to PTFE various brands association "TMS" has to offer and other construction materials, and polymers.