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With this also buy PTFE Insulating flanges

Teflon sleeves are designed for flexible connection of various units of machinery and equipment, working in conditions of high vibration, hammer and pressure pulsations of the working fluid.
The design feature of PTFE pipes (PTFE hoses) is a flexible inner chamber in the form of a tube of PTFE (Teflon), which sequentially deposited layers of spiral and mesh stainless steel braiding.
Teflon sleeve have a low hydraulic resistance as compared with the classic hose, high purity of the working surface, protected against electrostatic charges transported to any inert liquids and gases, including particularly aggressive (solvents).

Today, such products as Teflon sleeve may be required if you need flexible connection of the units of various mechanisms, where there is high pressure, temperature, chemically aggressive environment. High pressure hoses are designed for use in almost all hazardous environments.
PTFE, which can still be called Teflon sleeves - it's an inner tube to be coated stainless steel 1 or 2 layers. Such sleeves get connected by means of special valves.

Teflon tubing, usually with smooth walls. If there is a need to improve the indicators of flexibility, the tube may have a corrugated wall, but this figure significantly increases and the cost of PTFE sleeves. As well as the sleeve with a corrugated pipe in contrast to a smooth-characterized by less pressure.

To fluoroplastic tube had various mechanical protection against damage, and also to increase its strength braid used which consists of stainless steel. Teflon hoses are used for higher pressures, can have multiple layers of the braid.


Technical Parameters Parameters
The inner diameter, mm from 3,6 to 50
Operating pressure, Mpa from 0,2 to 100,0
Length (armature), mm from 150 to 40000
Operating temperature range, С from -60 to +260
The level of vibration frequencies to 10 to 2000 Hz with accelerations up to 30G
Pulsating pressure working fluids  ± 5% of the operating pressure
Water hammer pressure working fluids from 5 atm to 1.5 atm, the operating pressure

In agreement with the customer, there is a possibility to manufactur connections fittings of the following types: straight, angular, with a nut, fitting with external thread, weld, or other configurations, one-piece fitting with male thread, cylindrical metric or pipe thread.
There is a possibility to purchase a two-braided hoses.
Basic dimensions of the tubes and hoses are always on stock in Riga, Latvia!
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