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Valves with working layer of PTFE
Valves - a type of pipe fittings used for complete coverage of the medium flow in the process piping and start its further depending on the requirements of a particular process. Valves with members of her species has a very broad application to install on the process line and is about 80% of the total number of products used. For this type of shut-off valves are - valves, ball valves, check valves (faucets), butterfly valves. The main purpose of valves is the overlap of the working medium flow running through the pipeline, as well as providing the necessary tightness.
By way of attaching valves is divided:
- Flange;
- Welding; (Welding)
- The coupling;
- Choke-nipple;
- On a fast connection;
A more widespread and has a flange welded execution valves. This advantage is due primarily ease of installation and versatility of building size, as dismantling the old and installing the new valve flange size of the building with proper selection of the same, so no additional effort on the designs of valves installed. Welded fittings execution of more easy to install and is also used on the main lines. The main structural elements are - the body and the shutter (the ball). Depending on the structural shape of the locking body and the nature of its movement in the housing during operation, is divided into the ball valves (ball valves), Valves (faucets), valve and flap (rotary or butterfly valves).
All of the above elements of valves according to customer demand can be provided sealing elements made of PTFE. As the valve can be completely made of PTFE or PTFE coating have. This solution, allows to use standard fittings in the food or chemical industry, where there are high demands on the chemical resistance of the valve, the presence of high temperature or element is in direct contact with food.

General information about the types of valves:

Ball valves - this is one of the most common types of valves. Application of ball valves is very wide it includes for example - utilities large cities and small towns, gas economy, the heat supplying companies, but it is important to observe the conditions for "class tightness of ball valves" and the pressure in the pipeline, according to regulatory documents color ball valve body consistent with its application:

- Blue - water, steam.

- Yellow - gas.

- Black - oil and oil products.

Ball valves may be made of different materials, steel (carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel), brass (bronze), to obtain excellent chemical stability of these products can be made in the PTFE release. Cranes such performance will be configured so that all elements in contact with the product are made of pure PTFE.

Just in the last decade, a widespread shut-off valve made of polypropylene and polyethylene which is widely used in the construction of residential properties and businesses as well as the laying isolation generally houses and apartment units and generally relate to the plumbing fixture.

The operating principle of the device and various kinds of ball valves is not fundamentally different - a valve body and a locking element. Stopcock element may be formed as a cylinder or as a ball (sphere). Less commonly found in household tap with a conical locking device. The performance ball valves are complete or incomplete looping . Incomplete pass valve - a valve with a hole the diameter of the smaller diameter of the connected pipes. These cranes are used in pipelines with low pressure PN 0.6-1.6 MPa, and as they are much cheaper than full flow ball valves. Full flow ball valve is a prerequisite for installing it on gas pipelines, trunk pipelines with high pressure have a much lower hydraulic resistance, high degree of integrity, reduced dimensions and weight allow for cleaning of pipelines cavity scraper and other pollution control equipment, as ball valve installed on an incomplete pass pipeline with high pressure can bring to the formation of eddies in the pipeline and thus break its seal.

The design of the ball valve body is collapsible or folding (welded). Collapsible design heavier weight and expensive unlike welded. Collapsible ball valve can be repaired, which significantly prolongs its service life and all-welded construction is not repairable, respectively, lower than its cost.

Latches - this is one of the types of valves in which the overlap of the working environment in the pipeline at the expense of translational movement shutter (wedge valves) in the direction perpendicular to the flow of traffic. Latches commonly used to install pipes for gaseous and liquid media, in pipelines from DN 50 to 2,000 mm at an operating pressure of 4 to 200 kg / cm2. When compared with other types of valves (ball valves, butterfly valves) valves have the following advantages:

- Low resistance provided fully open shut-off device in the pipeline;

- Absence of redirecting working fluid flow;

- The use of valves for closing the working medium flow with a high viscosity;

- Easy installation and maintenance of valves;

- Small construction gate length,

- The possibility of feeding the working environment in any of the required fields.

The disadvantages inherent in all designs of valves, may include:

- Inability of application valves for media crystallizable inclusions:

- Small permissible pressure drop at the gate (as compared with valves).

- Reduced speed of the shutter opening and closing, resulting in a loss of time in case of emergency;

- Possibility of hydraulic blow at the end of the course;

- High altitude valves

- Difficulties of repair of worn sealing surfaces when the shutter operation.

Catches are divided into:

- Steel gate valves - high pressure.

- Pressure up to 16 kgf / cm2 - iron latches.

Latches on the design features are divided:

- Valves with rising stem

- Valves with non-rising stem, (when he climbs the flywheel when opening the valve).

Valve (Valve) - another type of shut-off valves. Orifice at ventel overlapped in the horizontal plane. By constructive hull valves are divided into: communicating valves, angle valves, direct flow valves, and mixing valves. It is important thing to consider when choosing a classifier is to use the valves for other purposes:

- Shut ventel,

- Shut-off valve regulates and special.

Shut-off valves are divided according to the construction of gates at the poppet valves and diaphragm valves, and in a manner to seal the spindle gland and bellows valves or valve.


SWING / BUTTERFLY valve - valving element, wherein the closure member is rotated about an axis which in turn is not its own axis. The most common and widely applicable variant of this type of pipeline valves - is a rotary valve disc Disc rotary shutter - the control element is in the form of a disk. The peculiarities of sealing butterfly valves can be manufactured in the following versions:

- Sealing metal to metal,

- Soft saddle sealing,

- Teflon seals.

Based on the type of connection to the pipeline, they are divided into flanged, welded and threaded. Shutter control, depending on DN and effort that is applied if necessary to bring it with the moving part operating position, may be performed with the handle, as by means of the gear, as well as electric or pneumatic actuator. Material and design features of the closures are calculated based on the period of work in the "open-closed", as well as gates act as control valves and perform the function of regulating the volume of flowing medium. That is to regulate the conditions of disk bolt handle is performed with a lock position, which allows you to lock the handle in different angular positions. The above operational harakteristikidiskovyh valves, easy installation and replacement of sealing elements, sufficient durability, relatively low cost in a match against the other types of valves have meant that the butterfly valve has been widely used in various industrial fields.

The above performance butterfly valves, easy installation and replacement of sealing elements, sufficient durability, relatively low cost in a match against the other types of valves have meant that the butterfly valve has been widely used in various industrial fields.
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