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PTFE glass fabric (PTFE) with adhesive

PTFE (PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene, Teflon) usually consists of glass cloth made of glass fibers fabric (base) coated with PTFE / Teflon (working layer). These materials do not stick very well and withstand high temperatures, exposure to chemicals and flames. Moreover, they have very good dielectric properties and are used for various applications in industry. Tapes can be used as non-adhesive surface for a variety of industrial applications which require a wide range of operating temperatures, good electrical resistance, mechanical strength and non-flammability.

Main characteristics:

good adhesive ability at high temperatures and resistance to deformation
good lubricating properties and minimum friction coefficient
Most often, this material comes with an adhesive layer for ease of installation. The adhesive layer may be based on silicone (-70 / + 260S) or acrylic based (-40 / + 120C). On request there is a possibility of delivery of this product without glue.

 Fields of application:

Self-adhesive PTFE fiberglass fabric most commonly used in the packaging industry and closing / sealing packages thermofilm. In such cases, the non-adhesive surface PTFE fiberglass and fiberglass durability prolong equipment life and reduce the likelihood of failures.
PTFE in the aircraft industry are used for coating glass heating equipment and terminals, and to convert the non-adhesive surfaces in the form surface.
in the electrical industry data tapes are used in the thread of the valve and to close the wires.
moreover, fiberglass PTFE used in dryers, shoe linings and any other applications that require a very slippery surface.
Our company offers the following Teflon fiberglass thickness:

0,08 mm
0,13 mm
0,25 mm
The width and length of the roll may vary according to the customer! Standard packing PTFE fiberglass is available in rolls of 1000 mm in width and 30 meters in length.

This product is always on stock in Riga, Latvia!

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