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Tubes and pipes made of teflon (PTFE) are used in cases where the maximum required chemical and temperature resistance. Teflon tube has excellent flexibility and low porosity. It is therefore often used for feeding of liquids and gases under pressure and at high temperature.

Polytetrafluoroethylene has the following advantages over other polymers (Nylon, polyethylene, polyurethane, PVC)

high chemical resistance (inertness) transported to virtually all liquids and gases (including particularly aggressive acids, bases, solvents, oils, etc.);
a wide range of thermal stability; Low temperature resistant up to -70 , heat-resistant up to + 260 ° C
flexibility and low weight (Teflon hoses lighter than rubber and metal hoses);
resistant strength (no deformation of the long sprains, bumps and vibrations)
the minimum coefficient of friction
release agent (working environment does not adhere to the tube surface, no deposits formed, Teflon sleeves are easy to clean, which increases the life of the product);
lack of exposure to the substance to be pumped;
aging resistance (weatherability, resistance to UV)
The humidity (hygroscopic teflon - less than 0.1% according to ASTM test)
high purity of the work surface;
Complies with: FDA CFR 21§ 177.1550
Transported medium:

Oxygen chemically aggressive (corrosive) gases
Oils, liquid alcohol, distilled water
Products at high temperatures
Basic dimensions of the tubes and hoses are always on stock in Riga, Latvia!

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