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Most of the assortment is always available from our warehouse in Riga, Latvia.

Preparations from fluoroplastic

The range of our products are available filled of pure PTFE with various brands. Formed fluoroplastic is in the form of plate, tube or rod. PTFE preform is prefabricated, which may be made from mechanically insulating, sealing and antifriction special profile design.

Teflon is popular because of the relatively low cost as a semi-finished product.

In some cases, PTFE workpiece machining, our company can carry out on their own equipment.

The pre-processing (cutting) of the material to a more suitable size for you, can be made on our enterprise equipment. We are happy to prepare the material in accordance with your requirements, or in compliance with the provided drawings. Our equipment, allows to make the cut material thickness up to 150 mm and diameters up to 500mm. We can also set the desired thickness of material or to perform additional processing (grinding).

Our company is engaged in processing of material purchased from our managers. In a separate agreement can be made of other material handling suppliers. Depending on where you purchased the material and the amount of work, our managers are willing to do for you a convenient price offer!


Before placing an order for Teflon, we recommend that you consult with our sales managers. Proper selection of the workpiece material can significantly affect it`s life time.

For more information about the product you can get from our managers by phones specified in section How to find us.